A Note from Our Founder

Rebekah Lewis, SilverX Lab Founder & CEO

Regardless of what we do for a living or our personal circumstances, the world of cyber – of technology and data, security and privacy – now intersects with all of our lives.

Throughout my career in cyber I’ve noticed that no matter the context – private sector, non-profits, government, academia and international organizations – the same kernel of truth emerges: at its core, cyber goes far beyond questions of technology and data.

At the heart of cyber are fundamental questions about equity, justice, creativity, autonomy and community, self-expression, connection and our ability to live courageously and freely, aligned with our truest selves and deepest values.

Whether we choose to acknowledge them or not, these same fundamental questions show up just about everywhere now, asking something of all of us.

I founded SilverX to help all kinds of people, not only those interested in dedicating their lives to work in the cyber realm, develop the knowledge and skills to feel empowered and tackle the far-reaching cyber questions in their lives with confidence.

Better understanding the cyber intersection points in your work and life will not only add value and create new opportunities. I believe awareness and engagement with these issues will eventually become a social, if not a moral, imperative.

At SilverX, our mission is to create a world in which everyone can pursue greater fulfillment, impact and meaning in their lives by becoming more cyber savvy.

I hope you’ll join us.