Get cyber savvy with SilverX courses.

Today, what were once considered specialized “cyber” issues are now at the forefront of, well, just about everything. And despite those pesky stereotypes, people in all different fields – people who don’t fit the typical “tech” profile – can (and must!) play an important role in this new world. No matter our work or personal choices, we all have a lot to contribute and to gain by better understanding the cyber world.

At SilverX, our goal is to empower cyber-savvy professionals – individuals and organizations who appreciate the far-reaching strategic implications of cyber issues and know how to harness and integrate them into their lives. By getting cyber savvy with SilverX, you will be equipped to add greater meaning, relevance and creativity to your existing work and build a sustainable foundation to thrive in an evolving world for years to come.

Our courses are designed for you – the non-cyber, non-tech professional. Check out our current offerings and, if you don’t see what you need, let us know! We love the challenge of connecting the dots between strategic cyber skills and wherever your passions lie.