Collaborating with innovators and creatives to build new tools for a cyber savvy world.

Building a Cyber Savvy Future

Despite the common belief that cyber is for techies, strategic cyber knowledge and skills are valuable in every sector and vocation – today, and even more so in the future. At SilverX, we believe that the best way to “bring more people to cyber” is actually to focus more on “bringing cyber to people.” This includes meeting people where they are and demonstrating how cyber skills can be powerful force multipliers for the skills and pursuits they value most.

SilverCurrent is our laboratory for innovation and collaboration dedicated to developing and scaling new methods and tools for a more cyber savvy world. Our ongoing work and projects are informed by discussions with our community, independent research and partner collaboration.

We’re on a mission

SilverCurrent is particularly focused on engagement, equity and professional advancement for individuals and groups that are underrepresented in cyber.

Active pursuit of diversity and equity are foundational to the SilverX mission and incorporated by design into our offerings. Through SilverCurrent, we develop and scale innovative tools designed to disrupt, challenge and break down systemic bias and discrimination.

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A Cyber Savvy World

SilverCurrent is a creative space for qualitative and quantitative research, innovation and engagement.

As part of the SilverCurrent network you can:

Creatively challenge discrimination, bias and systemic inequality
Contribute to the social good by helping to close the cyber workforce gap
Increase awareness and adoption of transferable skill sets that can add value for many different people in an evolving economy
Collaborate to support greater cyber awareness and resilience
Access new insights, including related to relevant cross-sector skills and synergies

Want to Join Forces?

We believe in the power of fresh ideas and different perspectives. If you’re intrigued by our mission and see potential synergies with your work, send us a message and let’s explore. No background in technology or traditional corporate activities required.

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