Helping your team thrive through strategic advisory services and the development of a cyber savvy workforce.

The Future is Cyber Savvy

No matter your organization’s size or sector, the road ahead will increasingly intersect with cyber resilience. Rather than reacting out of fear or relying on outside experts and technologies, an effective and sustainable approach must start with a solid strategic foundation and a cyber savvy team across units and functions.

SilverCrossing is a suite of adaptable advisory and educational services designed to empower you to do just that, and not just for a moment in time but over the long-term. Our non-conventional, interdisciplinary offerings will inform and strengthen your organization from the inside out, building on your unique mission, strategic goals and the natural strengths and abilities of your people.

Is SilverCrossing right for your organization?

Not sure about the best approach to cyber resilience? You’re not alone!
Fear and uncertainty have long driven many organizations’ decisions about cyber risk, a topic that is notoriously intimidating. SilverX is on a mission to help you do things differently.

We specialize in demystifying cyber concepts to increase confidence and independent decision-making. Rather than fancy jargon or complex technical solutions, we’ll give you adaptable strategies. Instead of focusing on what you lack, we’ll help you maximize what you already have while avoiding unnecessary costs and disruptions. In becoming more cyber savvy, your organization will not only better manage risks but identify new opportunities.

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A Cyber Savvy Team

Rather than a fear- or tech-centric approach, SilverCrossing focuses on your organization and how cyber-savvy governance, strategy and cross-disciplinary skills can take your team to the next level.

By getting cyber savvy with SilverCrossing, your organization will:

Be able to make informed, independent decisions about cyber resilience, including future investments in talent, technology and outside experts
Become more effective and efficient through cross-skilling, up-skilling and diversification of cyber functions and responsibilities, including in leadership roles
Avoid disruptive reorganization, unnecessary costs and non-organic hiring
Experience greater overall workforce unity and satisfaction based on the common goals, positive impact and opportunities related to cyber resilience
Increase client and partner trust as a result of a demonstrated strategic approach to cyber resilience
Be more prepared for both cyber incidents and future non-cyber challenges related to increasing digitalization and interconnectivity

Current SilverCrossing Offerings

Our goal is to support you on your journey. To get started, you can sign up for one of our current offerings or reach out directly for an initial conversation about your needs and how we can help. And of course, please take advantage of our free resources!

4 Essential Cyber Savvy Habits

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